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We will encourage and support our students every day by creating positive

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AP exams are comprehensive exams that are taken at the end of Advanced Placement courses during the first two full weeks of May. This school year exams will be administered May 2 – May 13. All students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses are encouraged to take the AP exam(s) to demonstrate course completion to potential universities and possibly earn college credit. By law, all Texas public colleges and universities must award course credit to students who submit scores of 3 or higher on an AP exam. Colleges and universities across the country set their AP credit policies. Individual university policies can be accessed here.

AP Exams are an important piece of a student’s resume and can make a significant impact on college expenses; therefore, LISD will be pay $25 toward each AP exam to reduce the cost for families. Students participating in the federal free/reduced lunch pay $20/exam and can indicate participation in the program during the registration.

AP exam registration will be from September 1st thru October 25th. Cost for families is $75 per exam with the exception of AP Capstone (Seminar and Research) classes. Costs for those exams will be $124. Registration will close from October 24th thru November 14th to process fall orders. We will reopen a late registration period from November 15th thru February 21st. Per College Board, late registration costs are $40 per exam. Registration will be online this year and the registration site will be available on the CPHS homepage. Families can make partial payments during the fall registration window. To avoid late fees, please clear all balances by October 25th. Questions regarding AP exams can be directed to CPHS Dean of Instruction, Jennifer Colman, at Jennifer.Colman@leanderisd.org.

Click here to register for AP exams.

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