Lifeguard/Human Sexuality

What is Lifeguard?

In Leander ISD, students in Grades 7–9 are taught Human Sexuality Curriculum through presentations by LifeGuard, an independent organization. The topics covered in this abstinence-based curriculum the Texas Health TEKS. All content has been reviewed by the Leander ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) and is grade-level specific and developmentally appropriate. This material will be taught in 2-3-day windows at every LISD middle and high school campus.

When will CPHS host Lifeguard this year?

CPHS Ninth Graders will be able to opt in to the presentations taking place in January 2023 date TBD

How can I preview the material?

If you wish to preview the curriculum, you may do so at your home campus library. Parents/Guardians may stop by or contact their school librarian to schedule an appointment for viewing. You may also request an electronic parent preview via the LifeGuard website below:

LISD will also host virtual parent workshops via Zoom throughout the year; future times are listed below. Parent workshops are designed to give parents helpful tips for communicating with their children (grades 7-9) about human sexuality, allow them to review the district curriculum, explore statistics from health officials, and ask questions of LifeGuard and LISD staff.

To register for a parent workshop and to access additional LifeGuard information, please visit the LISD Human Sexuality Curriculum website below:

Parent Workshops Dates:

January 2023 date TBD 6:00 - 7:30 registration link: coming soon

How can my student opt in?

In the past, all students were eligible to attend presentations unless their parent(s) opted them out. Now, all interested parents will complete this Google Form to OPT-IN their child in order to participate in the presentations.